Teuta Pashnjari: Dream Sequence
MediaKulma 18.2. – 9.3.2023

Teuta Pashnjari – Mirage (Oil on linen, mixed-media with textile and recycled plastic, 100 x 90 cm, 2023)

Exploring human connections in a philosophical approach is the main focus in my artistic practice. My art projects aim to emphasize the depiction of representational subject matters as seen from my life stories and deepest thoughts, that travel the viewers into a dreamy atmosphere where the past, the present and the future are connected. The usage of color, surrealistic approach, symbolism and spirituality are the main themes in my storytelling and artistic expression.

‘’Dream Sequence’’ is a mixed-media painting series that aims to symbolize spiritual growth, enigmas of the future and life-changing experiences. The works are autobiographical and a representation of my inner world that is constantly questioning my role in society and my spiritual purpose in life.

Part of the exhibition will also be my video art project titled ‘’I AM HOME’’ a performance piece that focuses on my strong connection with Finland, France, Germany and Greece.

In this performance video I write ‘’I am home’’ in four different languages stating the importance and personal influences these countries have had in my life. This one year performance is site-specific and is filmed on the location.

Instagram: Teuta Pashnjari