Alexandra Sandbäck: Fat Margins Mediakulma 12.11. – 1.12.2022

Alexandra Sandbäck – Body Movement (photo installation, 2022)

Alexandra Sandbäck is showing photography and video works relating to living in a marginalized body. With time and movement her body can transcend what is to be expected and there is a sense of limitless expression no matter the limitations.


Photo installation

In today’s world we rarely see a photo unfiltered. We filter ourselves with almost every selfie posted, and we see others as they have chosen to filter themselves.

My body is a type encouraged to filter. Skinny filter, makeup filter, perfect skin filter. I should be still, tucked in, shaped to acceptable standards.

In this project I instead choose to show my body in movement filtered through nature, and through time. Who am I filtered through berries, leaves and mud? Who am I filtered through a slow shutter speed allowing for time to pass while I move?

a meditation / a provocation

FAT MARGINS is a meditation on marginalized bodies and the beauty industry. It questions the impossible idea of putting bodies into standardized boxes. It is a provocation by mere existence.